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Is this correct: 让我自我介绍

How would I say: Let me introduce myself

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    It's better to say"让我做个自我介绍。"or,alternatively,on a less formal occasion,“让我自我介绍一下。”I wouldn't say what you wrote is utterly wrong,but it sounds a bit awkward to my ears.And normally Chinese speakers wouldn't say it.

    The only way I can think up when your saying might be proper is when you stress "Let meeeeeee introduce myyyyyyyself",meaning you don't have to do that on my behalf,"让(!我!)自我介绍。",in normal,you should use what I just told you to "relax "your sentence a bit.



    Hello, you can say “我来做个自我介绍吧!”.This is very common and relaxing~

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