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How do you say "complacent" in Spanish?

There is a Spanish word "complaciente", but I don't think it means the same thing as in English.

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In English, "complacent" usually means that you take the current situation for granted and are oblivious to problems that might be coming. What is the Spanish equivalent of this?

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    the translation depends of the context as you see in these examples:

    We cannot be complacent.
    No nos confiemos.

    We cannot be complacent.
    No podemos ser conformistas.

    We cannot afford to be complacent.
    No podemos permitirnos caer en la complacencia.

    I am not complacent about it, but it is a fact.
    No soy complaciente al respecto, pero es un hecho.


    You can say "satisfecho de sí mismo" or "satisfecho "consigo mismo".

    "complaciente" can have different meanings. Depends on the context of the sentence.

    Se puede ser complaciente consigo mismo pero también complaciente con los demás. De hecho cuando decimos que una persona es complaciente significa normalmente que le gusta agradar o complacer a los demás.
    A "complaciente" person is a person who tent to please people.

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