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Has anyone actually found that listening to Chinese songs helps improve Chinese?

If so does it help or hurt your 声调. I'm really looking for students' of the Chinese language opinions.

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Base language: English
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    It depends on the song. Some songs don't make sense or use obscure Chinese characters that even native speakers may not really understand, but less useful in life. I recommend my favourite song Zhong Yu Ming Bai (终于明白)


    I don't think so, I never attach any extravagant hope to improve my English level by listening to English songs. The lyric have to rhyme properly, and some times they use words less to be understood and awkward to read. For a native, we can understand the metaphor, but for language students it's easy to make misunderstanding. Instead of listening to the music, I think watch Chinese movies and series is more helpful unless u watch them many times.

    When you have some basic knowledge of Chinese, Then I think that's will be helpful. Learn the lyrics and analysis the grammar, that's the way I learn English, really helps.

    it's a misleading myth
    listening to the songs helps to learn the languages where you "write as you say"
    those which are "stresses" rather than "tonal"

    as for Chinese -- neither pronunciation nor vocabulary can be improved this way
    conclusion: it's a time waste, go read some newspapers

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