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What are the proper ways of addressing people?

Hello All,

I have another question. What are the proper ways of addressing people?
For example, in English we have Mr., Mrs, Miss, Sir, Madam and so on. Are there such titles in Arabic? Also, how do you address your elder or your boss politely? Is it acceptable to refer to such people using the word 'you'?


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    Mr. سيد, Mrs. سيدة, Miss آنسة.
    When you talk with a man you could say: سيدي or سيد أحمد - without ال in سيد
    And السيد أحمد when you talk about him : السيد أحمد سافر إلى المدينة . or when you call someone among a group of people (e.g. in a waiting room) You: السيد أحمد - Ahmad : نعم
    The same thing goes for سيدة وآنسة .

    Specific Titles:
    For a President, a Prime Minister : فخامتك، فخامتكم، فخامة الرئيس، صاحب الفخامة
    For a King: جلالتك، صاحب الجلالة....ect
    For a Minister : معالي، معالي الوزير
    For people in important positions : سعادة e.g. : سعادة السفير، سعادة مدير الشرطة، سعادة رئيس البلدية
    حضرتك is this most common word in addressing superiors or strangers in Modern Arabic.
    M:Hadratuk(a), F: Hadratuki.

    And like many other languages; أنتم is the formal "you". It is used to show respect or maintain a certain distance or formality with someone.

    For a married women :- ( مدام ) (Mada)
    for young lady:- (أنسة) (Anesa)
    For an elder woman that not married ( سيدة ) (Saidah)
    for a man we mostly use only one titles for elder and younger and it`s (سيد) (Said)

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