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what does "appreciation of his nature"mean? who appreciate it?

As Kennedy talked to Katzenbach, Johnson had placed two more Wash¬ington calls. The first was Volunteer to Vigilant—Lyndon Johnson to Walter Jenkins. The former Vice President's chief aide told him what he already knew, that he ought to return to the capital. Unhappily, Vigilant was unin¬formed about the oath. Drawing a blank there, Johnson phoned McGeorge Bundy. In each case the inquiry from the bedroom was oblique. Given the nature of the inquirer it could not have been otherwise, and an appreciation of his nature and special talent is essential to a grasp of the misunderstandings which were to be bred by his approach. To men who were accustomed to dealing with President Kennedy, it was like listening to a foreign tongue.

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    In order for the reader to comprehend why LBJ's approach caused misunderstandings, it is necessary to understand his personality and tendency to use indirect means to get what he wanted. Kennedy was direct and to the point. Johnson was evasive and manipulative. He was well-known in Congress for his ability to broker deals between opposing sides.

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