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Is it hard to learn thai?

my friend's friend took 3 months to learn thai, and he speaks very fluently.

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    Not really if you try to imagine the sounds of its initial and final consonants, its vowels, and its tone, find them out, and try to use them to communicate. Now when you try to communicate in Thai, ask some other questions you happen to encounter.

    It's not that difficult if you want to speak and communicate in Thai. Just try to speak with Thais as much as you can. Thai language can be understandable quite quickly. Grammar is much simpler. No tense.

    I don't know about Vietnamese but Thai is more similar to Chinese. You can combine the vocabs and build up a sentence. Most Thai will understand it.

    Also, speaking Thai language nowadays has been changed a lot. It doesn't strict on the formal structure. Many native Thai speaks like a broken language. (I afraid that the proper Thai language may not be able to find nowadays :-(.)

    Many words also confusing to me if I were foreigners but to survive in Thailand using common Thai is more than enough.

    Anyway, writing and reading Thai is different story.

    Example of informal and formal Thai word.
    1. Greeting
    Formal: Sa Wad Dee ka/krub
    Informal (nowaday): Wad Dee

    2. How are you?
    Formal: Khun Sa Bai Mai ?
    Informal (nowaday): Ben Ngai ? , Ben Ngai Bang? , Sa Bai Dee Mai ?

    3. Good Bye
    Formal: La Korn Na Krub/Ka or Sa Wad Dee Krub/Ka.
    Informal (nowaday) : Bai na, Bai korn na, etc.

    Note: Sa Wad Dee can be used in Greeting or Good Bye.
    Since Thai culture is different from Western, some occasion doesn't exist in ancient Thai therefore it doesn't have exactly certain expression in some occasions.

    For example, we don't normally speak "You are welcome." in Thai culture but the society has been a lot influenced by westerns. Original Thai is more likely to say "Doesn't matter., Not at all." instead.

    To say
    "You are welcome." = Yin Dee Mak Krub/Ka. (ยินดีมากค่ะ/ครับ)
    "Doesn't matter. Not at all." = Mai Ben Rai, Mai Dong Kraeng Jai (Ka/Krub) (ไม่เป็นไร หรือ ไม่ต้องเกรงใจ)

    You can join "Thai Group" for further discussion :-).

    Really? well, it's kinda totally diferent fr, Eng. our words are short and heavy. take will be fine... (*v*)
    No I think very much if you try . Do u want to learn with me/

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