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Korean people, I really need your help (especially if you're female :D)

Sorry, I know, that my question is really weird for the language-learning site, but anyways... I really beg your help!
Don't think that I've registered there only to ask this question! Actually, I have an another profile on italkie, which I use to learn language, but since she is aware of it, I had to create another one in order to stay anonymized ㅋㅋㅋ

Here we go! I want to buy a ring for my Korean girlfriend, but have absolutely no idea what is her finger size. The problem is that I even can't ask her at all because it's going to be a surprise!!! ㅠ_ㅠ

So, here is some info :

1) Girlfriend weight - 47kg, height - 164cm. 17 years old (Korean age)

2) Ring I wanna buy is avalaible in 3 US sizes - (5), (6), (6,5) >>> In Korean/Japanese system it's (9), (11), (13) respectively.
Useful link with the chart I use in order to imagine how each size looks like -

Please, Please, Please! What to choose?

Additional Details:

I know there can't be an exact answer because everyone is different, but at least you can give me some advices about your own ring size, average ring size of Korean women, which size is preferable etc. I will really appreciate any help :)


Additional Details:

Nobody knows the answer? ahhhhh! =(((

Additional Details:

upd 23.06.12

I've asked this question on kin.naver and received the answer that average size for Korean woman years 10-20 is 12호

Thanks everyone :D

Additional Details:

I decided not to risk with buying ring though and came out with some other ideas :3

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    hmm i think you have to get her ring size measured ;-; see if you can ask her friends or family to find out.


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