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hi guys...

if u know that today is the last day in ur life(i dunno how u can feel....but u'll be sure that u r living ur last day),what u will be do in ur last moment????(im sorry for the question..but i get it from the movie""if only"", it's really awesome)

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    i know that i will be dilemma in the last moments of my life to meet my mom ,dad , brother & sisters
    but still i will pray 2 god ...i will say "ur the creator & ur the destroyer...
    i m not the first person 2 die....u hav send me on this earth 2 do gud work,i hav tried my best to
    fulfill ur wish ,so i hav done its in ur hands my lord,whether 2 give hell or heaven.
    forgive me if i have done something wrong...."
    now i m giving u my life
    with prayers...........................

    for me??? spent the last day with my love ones..

    i will chant

    put the kettle on and brace myself...
    i will pray,ask people forgive me for bad things.

    I would rob a bank, and steal a convertable car for my getaway. As the police are chasing me down the street, I would throw money out of the car as I drove through downtown. Thirty seconds before my time is up, I would let them catch me. When they finally catch me, I would point to my watch and say, "Sorry guys..." :))))
    1. Pray for forgiveness?
    2. Be with my mom & dad.
    3. Pray & pray & pray...

    I would start learning a language. - No, that sounds too smug...

    I would not give up and go on as usual.

    live the life to it's fulliest & enjoy the each & every moment which are remaning because don't know tommorrow comes or not.

    if today is the last day of my very wonderful life,ill do nothing,all i can do is to pray
    to the lord for the life that he gave me if this is the time to go with him ill just
    accept it with all my heart
    hmmmm...i would be with my family and friends,enjoy the last moments...maybe think back and cherish all the fun times i had :)...and the "not so fun" times...I would be so grateful for the life given to me,the wonderful people in my life without whom it would've been so incomplete.

    i ll spemd my last moment with my family and friends also i ll pray...

    If in case this would be my last day I would set everything in order such as;
    1. Post my last blog entitled "Good Bye World" in my blog site at facebook, myspace, friendster, and blogspot.
    2. Make a handwritten letter for my family and friends, as it will be my last hand written letter.
    3. Ask for forgiveness to all the people that I may possibly hurt.
    4. Make a voice recorded message to all my friends as it will be my last voice they may hear from me.
    5. Make a good bye video for my youtube account.
    6. Ask favor to my parents if they could not cry during my burial.
    7. Cry for the last tears I may touched and taste as I bid good bye from my earthly body.
    8. Smile for the last time in the mirror as it may be the last smile I can see myself.
    9. Have fun with my friends, laugh out loud, as it may be the last fun I had with them.
    10. I hope I will never regret the moments I stayed on Earth, pondering every chance I may share to the people in need of me.
    SO BE IT!

    i will try to give my life the meaning i will try let other remember me i will try to give help for other and then i will live in memory then i will live more and maybe for ever

    i prays to god to forgivme for all bad action that i did

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