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hello, can you help me understand this please? I get the general mean of these types of sentences, but was hoping to get a better understanding of the difference difference between 这么 and 那么 when I use this pattern.




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    As I see it ,there is no difference.They are synonymous.I am not sure but I think in English "this"and "that"preceding adjectives also almost mean the same thing----"so".similarly ,in Chinese "这么"and“那么”are both to add a extent to adjectives。The only context I can think of when they are contrasted would be when they appear in the same sentence to diverge two things,like“别那么做,这么做”----“Don't do it like that,do it like this”,or”他没有那么高,而只有这么高“----”He is not that tall ,but only this tall。“Did I make it clear?

    我没有你说的这么漂亮? ok
    妹妹有没有姐姐那么高? ok

    typical Chinese speech pattern

    in English you say "i'm not as " but in Chinese you say "i don't have"

    我 没有 你 说的 那么 漂亮 = i don't have so beautiful as you said
    (i'm not as beautiful as you said)
    妹妹 有没有 姐姐 这么 高? = does little sister have as tall as big sister?
    (is little sister as tall as big sister?)

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