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i am a spain beginner,i have a question

in spainish,because some jobs only have men to do,so those nouns are only m. no f. right?
such as cura sacerdote,ther are m. in my dictionary

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    Historically there are jobs performed mainly by men, but that does not mean that women cannot do it. There are some titles that can be put into feminine form, others are simply expressed in masculine even though referring to a woman. For example "genio" is masculine, the show "Bewitched" from the united states in the 80's was translated into Spanish as "Mi Bella Genio" (the adjective is in feminine, but the title is in masculine). Other titles have irregular feminine forms. Sacerdote in feminine is sacertodiza,

    As for the term "cura" can only be masculine. If you say "la cura" it has a different meaning, since the word "cura" can also mean "the healing". Since "cura" and "sacerdote" mean the same thing, you can use "sacerdotiza" to refer to the feminine.

    In spanish the definite article "the" is "el, la, los, las" but the have their differences.

    el: is masculine and singular, for example "el sacerdote" (sacerdote is masculine in spanish.
    la: is femenine and singular, for example "la iglesia" (iglesia is femenine in spanish).
    los: is masculine and plural (two or more persons, things), for example "los sacerdotes".
    las: is femenine and plural, for example "las iglesias".

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