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Please tell me how you would describe being really angry in Chinese?


Imagine you are really really angry. The angriest you have ever been. Please tell me how you would describe being that angry in Chinese?

I'm sorry to re-post this but italki decided to change my question to a discussion and the answers I received have vanished. I do not see why it was moved to discussions. It is not a discussion but is asking about how to say something in another language.

Sorry again to the people who replied already :(

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    你惹得我火冒三丈(you not only make me angry, but make my anger burst.)
    This might sound literal but we can understand it when you speak it out.
    火冒三丈 is an idiom.
    火is fire. 冒 is a verb often used when seed just grew out from the mud or fire, water and even someone just appeared somewhere.
    三 means three.
    丈 means ten feet high here.



    say anything you like, just don't say dirty words in Chinese, especial girls.


    No wonder I couldn't find my previous response LOL. I don't remember what I typed earlier, but the expression that I said was 怒气冲天 which means so angry that your anger reaches/exceeds the sky. Or what you are looking for, extreme anger.


    每个人生气的方式不一样。 有的人生气了不说话。我的人直接说出来生气了。

    Just describe the angry , not the words you use to express angry, right?
    除了成语以外还有很多描述生气的样子的方法,比如“某某咆哮着吼道......”、“吹胡子瞪眼”,“因愤怒扭曲的脸......“ 等,忽然发现除了说”我真的非常生气!“,”你简直要气死我了!“这些很简单的句子以外就没有什么其他表达方式了,一般情况下都是用描写的方法来说明某人生气的状态的。如立起来的眉毛,瞪圆的眼镜,吹起来的胡子,飞起来的头发,涨红的脸,攥紧的拳头,扭曲的脸,紧闭的嘴唇,尖利的声音,决绝的语气等。

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