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What are some common dinner meals for French families with children?

If you have any recipes (or links to recipes), that would be great too! I'm interested in what is mostly common.


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    Boeuf Bourguignon : stew made with pieces of beef cocked, with mushrooms, onions and peas
    Quiche Lorraine : a regional pastry from Nancy (city) in Lorraine, made with bacon, cream and grated cheese
    Escargots : (Petits Gris or Escargots de Bourgogne) snails, usually served with garlic butter
    Salade Niçoise (my favourite) salad typical of Nice and Provence, made with lettuce, onion, black olives, tuna, anchovy, and hard boiled eggs (perfect as an entrée)
    Pot-au-feu : home cooked stew with chunks of beef, bone with marrow, cooked in a broth and many vegetables.
    As a dessert, crêpes suzette : orange flavoured crêpes (French pan cake)

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