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Japanese name question

I have often heard Japanese people use the suffix, 'Kun' or 'Chan' after a persons name. I notice that it is usually only used with people who are familiar with each other & never used with strangers or people who are meeting for the 1st time. Usually 'Chan' is for women & 'Kun' is for men, but I have also been told that these suffixes are only for children. What is the correct usage?

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    I may be wrong, but I'll try to answer your question. ^^
    "chan" is usually added to young children's names, no matter what gender the kid is.
    It's also used towards girls and young women by friends, family and sometimes teachers at school.
    Many people add "chan" to pets' names, too.
    About "kun", I heard it being used by school girls towards their male friends of the same or younger age. Boys may be also adressed like that by teachers, family etc.
    Many young women call their male friends adding "kun", it's just more sympathetic than not adding any suffix at all when the relatinship is too close for "san".
    It may be also used towards tomboys. ^ ^

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