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what does "confirm to type"mean?

If the new President was relegated to a walk-on role and then rudely hustled into the wings, the murderer was shoved straight out the stage door. He wasn't even the object of much curiosity. Later, after a decent interval (and, incidentally, his own murder) he was readmitted. The sequel was dismal. In death as in life he conformed to type. His ghost put on a vulgar performance, mugging, upstaging, and hogging the limelight with, regrettably, the cooperation of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy. That was unavoidable. Under the terms of its mandate the Commission had no choice.

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    "Conformed to type" in this context means he acted the part of a murderer in life and then as a ghost. He acted like a stereotypical murderer. Hope this helps!

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