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Assume, presume, suppose

What's the difference between assume, presume and suppose? When do I use this words right?

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    All three are synonymous, however there are slight difference between assume and presume.
    Assume is to suppose something to be the case without any proof or evidence. For example: Why weren't you at work today, I assumed that you would be well enough to return by now. (The boss assumed that his employee would be better, he had not checked, there was nothing to say that the employee was better, he just took it for granted.
    Pressume is to believe something to be the case based on a probability, for example: I presume you're hungry after your journey. (I don't know for sure but it was a long journey, your probably hungry - I'm taking it for granted that you're hungry.
    Suppose can be used in either example.

    To 'assume' something is to make something an assumption about it.
    In other words, to assume something is to (at least temporarily) believe that it is sufficiently likely that you don't need to prove it.
    For example, I assume that you've never been to the moon or that I won't randomly be killed by a meteor in the next five minutes. Both are possible, and I might be able to prove otherwise if I looked into them, but I believe that they're so unlikely they're safe to assume. It's possible to assume something without any kind of reasoning or based on prejudice.
    'Assume' is used in mathematics and physics a lot, when making assumptions in calculations ex. assuming that friction does not exist or assume the objects are spheres.

    Presume = Pre + assume
    ie. To presume something is to assume it assume it before I have good reason to do so. This has negative connotations.

    'Suppose' is very similar to 'assume'... In every example I can think of they're interchangeable. 'Suppose' can imply a higher degree of certainty than 'assume', but that's about it.

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