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what is the fast and best way to learn french?

For learning: French
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    Adding up to the previous answer, make sure the native speakers are actually speaking their language well. Some people use slang words or grammar which could be more confusing than actually helping if you're just starting.

    Also, watch original movies in the languages you're learning and practice your hearing while matching what people say with the subtitles. Pause and playback if you don't get it at first.

    As much as you can, try to think in the language you're learning. Describe your activities in your head. It takes a lot of work and will, but it really helps. Practice as often as possible.


    Hello :) ,

    I think the best way is practising , like every language I think . The more you speak with natives speakers , the more you learn . First , learn some basics words and after that , let's speak :) !

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