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How to say : " I wonder what..." in tagalog. Expressing curiosity.

How to say "I would like to..." in tagalog, expressing curiosity?

According to my online grammar book, in order to say: "I wonder, do you think, do you suppose", we can use the term kaya`

For example:
Mahal kayâ? (I wonder if it is expensive?)
Sino kayâ ang mananalo? (I wonder who will win?)
Kumain na kayâ sila? (I wonder if they have eaten?)
Bakit kayâ. (I wonder why.)

Now, I would like to take this to a different level. For example, to ask:

I wonder what you look like with a hat?
Would it be:
Magmukha ka kayâ sa isang sombrero?

So here I don't know if this would really mean "I wonder what" rather than "I wonder if"

Thanks for your help.

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    "I wonder what you look like with a hat?"
    in Tagalog is
    "Ano kaya ang itsura mo kapag naka sumbrero?"
    So, the usage of "kaya" in that sentence still means "I wonder what".

    "I wonder if" in Tagalog is "ano kaya kung"
    e.g. Ano kaya kung uulan bukas. (I wonder if it will rain tomorrow.)

    Hope that helps. (^v^)

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