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what's the difference between 'enhance' and 'improve' ?

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    Good question and it depends on the subject and context. They basically mean the same thing but usually used in different scenarios. For example you can improve in a sport by practicing. And also you can take performance enhancing drugs. Its not normally said that you enhance your skills in a sport by practicing, but that would also be correct. Enhance has somewhat of a connotation of "artificially". you improve your appearance by exercise and diet. You enhance your appearance by plastic surgery(cosmetic surgery). I hope that makes sense.

    Improve - Something is not really acceptable or at the level we want. We can improve it to meet our standard.
    enhance - something is "ok", but we can make it better, nicer, more attracctive, etc.

    If I improve health care, people can now go to the doctor and get medicine and health care (before they could not do that or it was difficult.)
    If I enhance health care, people already have good health care, but now they can go and learn about healthy lifestyles, take free or low cost exercise classes, have a nurse come to their house to talk about prenatal care with pregnant women, etc.)

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