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Algunos niegan que Colo'n (sea, haya sido o fuera) el primer descubridor del America.

Un autor de texto dice que se puede usar los tres. Pense' que solamente se podri'a usar " haya sido".

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    Algunos niegan que Colón haya sido el descubridor de América.

    Algunos niegan que Colón sea el descubridor de América.

    Algunos niegan que Colón fuera/fuese el descubridor de América.

    The 3 sentences are perfect, but in my point of viw as native spanish speaker, I feel that the first one is which sounds more natural, adn the other 2 sound a bit... weird? haha anyway, I mean, the 1st is perfect and so often used, the 2nd ones is just good, and the 3rd one is good but it should be said different, like: "Algunos niegan que Colón fuese el descubridor del America".

    The second thing I want to make clear is the fact that "primer descubridor" isn't good, because if someone discover something, it's obvious for context that he/she is the first one who discover that thing/place/etc. So if you say "descubridor" it's enough and very good said too :)

    AnD finally, the 3rd thing is this:
    "del américa" is the contraction of " de el américa", and "el América" is a futbol team from México, and not acontinent, hehe.
    It's just a tip for you can memorize the difference. (equally, "América" is a femenine word, so it would be "La América", but de articles aren't used with places/cities/continents/countries/etc. It could be heard in some oooolder books, but that vocabulary isn't actually spoken).

    These also would be good ways to say the sentence you wrote:

    ~Algunos niegan que Colón haya sido quién descubrió América.

    ~Algunos niegan que Colón sea quién descubrió América.

    ~Algunos niegan que Colón fuera/fuese quién descubrió América.

    I hope I'd helped you! very good luck! :D

    Tengo dudas con el sea, pero los otros dos si pueden usarse.

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