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How can I start learning French?

I don't know anything about French, and I've been wondering how I can start learning this language. Do you recommend any specific books? what should I do?

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    Well, it would depend on your resources and time. RFI and France24 have some free resources. I wasn't too fond of them personally but they might work for you. (in Arabic) (page is in French, but lessons are in English).
    There is also Coffee Break French: (also free except for some bonus materials).
    There are lots of things you can pay for like Pimmsleur and Rosetta Stone as well, but they're pricey and the free material will do the same job, which is to give you the basics to talk to someone.

    Hi, you can learn french using different sources, dependent on your level of pronounciation, vocabular, grammar, you can use, I think the best way is youtube . books like easy french....if you want i send u some useful books

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