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Any Korean Speakers can help me???


Well,I definitely sound desperate and I truly want to learn Korean. Wait,more of a need! I've been hooked onto Appa Eodiga,but because the subbed episodes come out really slow,I often find myself helplessly miserable and annoyed while waiting for them to come out! Unlike Running Man or other notable variety shows, Appa Eodiga doesn't have a strong subbing team (I only watch the subbed ones from ShiaReagy,who may lack the manpower to sub the raw episodes. But still,I'm appreciative of their efforts and kindness!),thus it takes quite a long time to watch the subbed episodes! I thought learning Korean step by step would help to overcome the language barrier and I'd may not rely fully on subbed videos to undertsand what is going on! Hence,I beg beg beg beg any of you who are fluent in Korean to help me! Please contact me,please please please! God Bless! XXX

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