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I'm confusing with numbers

US have population as 316 miliions.

Reference link :
You can see "Nearly Three in Ten Americans Have Ever Listened to an Audio Podcast"

This mean that population is approximately 100milions.

Link says
2012 = 29
2011 = 25

( * I can't see any measures. )

three in ten -> 1/3 -> population 316 millions -> 100 millions -> numbers 29 may not 290millions
because it's 2.8/3 approximately. not 1/3
Number 29 is 29millions.

1. What's wrong?
confusing numbers...........................................

2. or research company lies?

Your sincerely.

Ryan cho

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    You are mistaken. In the sentence below the graph, he states "In 2012, that number is 29%. " The number 29 is percent, so that he is correct when he says "nearly 3 in 10", which would be 30%.

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