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يأمل الوالدان أن يصبح أولادهما أكفاءا

q1) how to read this sentence?
q2)the meaning
q3) what does أولادهما أكفاءا mean ? please break the word down,

big thx for helps

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    translation : the parents hope their children to become (Efficient or capable or competent
    competen) :D
    and we read it like this
    about يأمل ther is problem with أ it is not a but double a [stress] so we read it like this
    yaamoulou aal walidan an yousbiha aawouladouha aakifa(aa) you can see here aa [ki] f=ف a=ا
    أولادها = thier children
    أولاد = children
    أكفاء = Efficient or capable or competent

    this phrase in arabic it's wrong because we have to say like this
    يأمل الوالدان أن يصبح اولادهم أكفاء not أولادها
    because ها its for single woman
    and هم it's for 2 and more (2 person 3 4 5 plural )

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