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Hello again! I am a bit stuck at verbs.....well, pls, translate for me: he/she/we/they want to go, he/she/we/they wanted to go. I need to see the difference between vowel signs. I know what my teacher wrote but when i put on google translate it showed something else.

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    arabic it's not the same like english so if we want to translat this we can use many way

    he/she/we/they want to go
    هو يريد الذهاب
    هي تريد الذهاب
    نحن نريد الذهاب
    هم يريدون الذهاب
    هن يردن الذهاب
    and he/she/we/they want to go
    هو أراد الذهاب he
    هي أرادت الذهاب she
    نحن أردنا الذهاب we
    هم أرادوا الذهاب they for boys
    هن أردن الذهاب they for girls

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