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Need some help with Japanese sufix?

Okay so some time ago i had this test and I was supposed to translate "while reading" in a very polite way(i don't know how to translate it to English so that it's respectful enough). Anyways, there were 2 options and I only knew one, which was adding -itsutsu to yomu; but I don't know about the other one... -inagara wouln't be polite enough right? So maybe sufix -(r)are? But then it won't have the "while" meaning... Anyone help?

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    The phrases "yomitsutsu" and "yominagara" can both mean "while reading". But neither is particularly polite.

    If you want to show respect to the reader, possible translations would be "yomare-tsutsu", "oyomininari-tsutsu", "yomare-nagara", or "oyomininari-nagara".

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