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what are differences between 数字& 号please?both of them meaning "Number"

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    Again the meaning can be found in the characters.
    数 in 4th tone means number. 字 means character, so 数字 actually means numeral-the written number.
    号-Does not just mean number, it has many meanings, but when it's meaning is number, it is used with seat, room, telephone, numbers etc. For example 电话号-telephone number

    数字 = quantifier or a collective noun, for example, a herd of cows, three basketfuls of apples.

    号 = the numeric number itself. For example, 一号 = #1. Of course this can also mean different things in different context. If one is talking about pants, it means the pant size defined by the manufacturer. 一号風球, this means level one in defining hurricanes.

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