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One more question: How to say "Your eye looks terrible, but you still look handsome" in Korean?


An older friend was punched in the face during a fight. I'm trying to cheer him up, but don't know how to say 'something looks this way'...

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    There are many ways to say something looks _____ :
    N + 처럼 보이다 - e.g. 완전히 다른 사람처럼 보이네요. - You look like a completely different person.
    V + -ㄴ/는/은/ㄹ/을 것 같다 - e.g. 비가 올 것 같아요. - It looks like it's going to rain / It seems like it is going to rain.

    To answer your original question though, I would just say something like "오빠는 눈이 엉망이라도 아직도 잘 생겼어요!" (Even though your eye is a mess, you're still handsome!). I wouldn't worry about trying to translate each word verbatim, because it can often sound unnatural.

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