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Drop the particle

Some koreans say that is normal to drop the particles in daily conversations...

The version with the particles is like this: 사랑은 뭘까?

Is it correct to say it like this: 사랑 뭐 까??

I think it's weird to drop the ㄹ after 뭐...
Can I say it like this ->사랑 뭘까?

Thank you ^_^

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    Yes, you can say "사랑(은) 뭘까?", "-ㄹ까" is used. not object particle.
    So, "사랑 뭐 까?" is an wrong sentence.

    사랑은 무엇이다.
    사랑은 무엇인가? (-ㄴ가 is used.)
    사랑은 무엇일까? (-ㄹ까 is used)

    사랑은 뭐다.
    사랑은 뭔가? (-ㄴ가 is used)
    사랑은 뭘까? (-ㄹ까 is used)

    Yes, you can say 사랑이 뭘까? It sounds more natural than 사랑이 뭐까?
    you can drop particle in informal conversation. Korean can understand you most of times and you might sound cute, but it could sound weird.

    good luck with your Korean study ^^

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