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What is the difference between "di" and "di dalam" when you translate it to "in"?

I know "di" is equal to "in, at and on" in English, but you can also translate "in" as "di dalam". How would you know when it is translated as di and when it's translated as di dalam?
Please explain it, thanks!

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    " Di " You will use this to explain about Item or object in where , And when you Use " Di Dalam " you explain at once the location Item or object inside. Here i give you example. " Di " Saya mempunyai Makanan di rumah saya. that's example for " Di " . " Di dalam " Saya mempunyai banyak uang di dalam tas saya " . That's meaning your money inside in your bag.

    'Di' is for common meaning like 'on, at, upon', ect.
    but for 'Di dalam' is using just for 'inside, within".

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