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هدا اقتراحي, هل من معارض ؟

how to read it ?
and what does it mean ?

please give more detail about اقتراح minfadlak , and more example sentences,

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    read :
    hada iktirahi , hal min moarid ?
    meaning :
    that's my proposal , any opposition ?
    about the word اقتراح it's mean "proposal" and we can use it as suggestion too so we can say in arabic :
    هل مِن اقتراح ؟
    hal min iktirah ?
    is there any proposal ?
    ما هو اقتراحك ؟
    ma howa iktirahouka ?
    What is your suggestion?

    suggest it's more usefull than proposal for the word اقتراح

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