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what is meaning of wanna and gonna ?? and is there anther words like that ??

is my question right ?

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    السلام عليكم. هذا سوال ممتاز جداGreat question. Another example may be 'gotta'. 'Gotta' is used to mean 'have got to'. For example, one might say, "I have got to go to the store" or "I've gotta go to the store." I have also heard people say 'musta' to mean 'must have'. "I musta been sleeping when you called." "I must have been sleeping when you called." I have heard people say 'mighta' instead of 'might have'. I agree with Peachey. It is important to learn formal English. I am learning Arabic now. My teachers told me that it is important to learn the Modern Standard Arabic الفصحى because then people in different Arab countries will understand me. Learning formal English will allow you to communicate with many English speakers. I wish you much success on your studies. God bless you. مع السلامة

    They're informal versions of "want to" and "going to". Other examples of this type are coulda, shoulda, woulda, oughta,

    If you google "ESL reduced speech" or "reduced forms", you will find lots of examples. It's just how the words sound when speaking at a "normal" rate. They are not slang words. Here is one example website:

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