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What does 깝대고 mean?

"왜 깝대고 ..." means? I can't find online, maybe it's slang or short for something?

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    That word must be a slang for online speak to reduce the number of type hit.

    "깝대다" must be come from 의태어 "까불까불", "까불-대다" or "까불-거리다", and 경상도 dialect, "깝-치다" comes from "깝죽깝죽", "깝죽-대다" or "깝죽-거리다".

    "까불까불" and "깝죽깝죽" have almost the same meaning. The meaning of 의태어 "까불까불" is "위 아래로 가볍게 흔들며 움직이는 모양", and "깝죽깝죽" means "머리, 팔, 다리, 엉덩이등, 몸의 한 부분을 계속해서 흔들거나 움직이는 모양",

    Therefore, "까불-다" and "깝죽-이다" means "경솔(輕率)하다", "경망(輕妄)하다", or "건방지다", "잘난 체 하다"

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