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I'm very confused about the pronunciation

I'm learning French now and when it comes to the pronunciation of P&T, I just very confused about them.
sometimes P sounds like [p] such as the word "pied" ,but in "papa" it sounds like [b], so is the letter T. Is there any law of these above? Thanks! :)

(I don't know whether my comprehension is right, i'm a beginner.)

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    I know they are new (hard) letters to you, but P, B and T should not sound the same ever.
    The process of making P & B share some similarity (both have lips pinched to start with) but with P we expulse air forcefully and in B it's more effortless if you will. With T, the tongue is placed on the back of the front teeth and air is also forced out (but the lips are not pinched together, the mouth is open). I hope it helps.

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