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What is the deal with "e'ajiba" أحب/ تعجبني

This is me trying to understand the rules of present tense in Arabic. I am learning khaleeje dialect but any input in Standard Arabic is also welcome.

I do understand now how verbs take different forms in present tense depending on the pronoun (thanks to some kind and amazing ladies of Gulf). But there is one verb that bothers me :/ I just want to know why (like in the example below) the verb e'ajiba takes possessive form unlike the verb "hob" for example. What exactly e'ajiba means, literally??
أحب/ تعجبني

Both mean "I like".
So for hob, I use "ehob" and add elif at the beginning like most of the verbs.
But for e'ajiba, I use "te'ajiby" by adding "y" at the end like in esmee, galbi, oumry etc.
Leesh?? Is it saying like " I have love for something" :)))) rather than "I love"

I hope I could explain my confusion o_O I am a beginner so anyone could explain this to me in a simple way please

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    أُحِبُّ Means: I love/like.
    يُعْجب Means "something is pleasing to me".
    - يعجبني هذا الكتاب I like this book.
    - تعجبنا هذه السيارات We like those cars.
    - تعجبهم ملابسه They like his clothes.

    Instead of following the form "person who likes + verb + the object liked"; verb يُعجب follows the form "verb + attached-object pronoun representing the person who likes + the object liked."
    In these sentences, the object liked is the subject in the verb يُعجب

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