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what does "barge up the aisle after Swindal"mean?

By now Godfrey had become part of a task force. He had struck out twice, so while he was inspecting the bedroom O'Donnell had dispatched Ted Clifton, Roy Kellerman, and Clint Hill to the front of the plane. As it turned out, all three learned the correct explanation before McHugh. Valenti, Stoughton, and Homer Thornberry crowded around Clifton, saying, 'We can t go yet," "We've got to find a federal judge," "Lyndon has word from the Attorney General, he called Washington." Kellerman and Hill heard none of this; they were barging up the aisle after Swindal. Roy burst into the communications shack and saw the ramp. Wondering why it hadn't been wheeled away, he descended the steps. Just then Kilduff flashed by.

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    The expression means to move forward forcefully, like a large river barge pushing slowly and steadily up a river

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