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What do you think (about something)? In Tagalog

I know that in tagalog, isipin means to think about something (well according to the online grammar book I found). I'm just wondering if we can use this verb to write: "So, what do you think (about it)"?

Such as in:

Bumili lang ako ng bagong kotse; anó ang isipin mo? (I just bought a new car, what do you think about it?)

Thank you!

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    Alyssa Joyce is right, it's "Ano sa tingin mo?" (transliteration: What's in your perception?)
    or "Ano sa palagay mo?" (transliteration: What's in your thought?)
    or you can also say "Ano masasabi mo?" (transliteration: What can you say?)

    and another thing...
    "I just bought a new car." in this context is "Kabibili ko lang ng bagong kotse."

    Good luck! ;)

    You can use, Ano sa tingin mo? or Ano sa palagay mo?

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