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Take the biscuit的中文怎么说?


Do you have a phrase etc in Chinese that is equal to the English expression 'take the biscuit'?

Take the biscuit= To be the epitome of something, typically something unpleasant. To stand as the best (or more likely worst) example of a series of things

Example sentences using takes the biscuit:

Petrol has always been expensive, but these new prices really do take the biscuit.
Jeff has always been annoying, but his latest stunt takes the biscuit.
I've met some rude people in my lifetime, but he really took the biscuit!

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    take the biscuit 带有些贬义,是在某个不太好的方面成为典型的意思,翻译的时候要放到语境里翻译比较合适。不过像2楼那样翻译成极品奇葩也不是不可以,虽然我不觉着这么翻译在所有语境里都合适。

    oh, I see. you can say 奇葩 or 极品 or 极致

    3 examples you list can be translated into Chinese like:




    I am not sure, Maybe ”小巫见大巫“(xiao wu jian da wu). for example, the last sentence in your example list. It may be translated to Chinese "我确实见过一些粗鲁的人,但是比起他而言,都是小巫见大巫。" Hope other people can come out some other better phrases.

    怎么我查的是“得第一名”“真是再妙不过”- -

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