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Under, below, beneath


What are the nuances of their usage? When should I use each one? I would be very grateful for clarifying.

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    This is from here

    Below, under, beneath indicate position in some way lower than something else. Below implies being in a lower plane: below the horizon, the water line. Under implies being lower in a perpendicular line: The book is under the chair. Beneath may have a meaning similar to below but more usually denotes being under so as to be covered, overhung, or overtopped: the pool beneath the falls


    "He's walking under the bridge."
    "He lives on the 4th floor, one storey beneath/below us."
    "The temperature fell to ten degrees below zero."

    As you can see the nuances between their usage is quite subtle. There are a plethora of other usages for these words too, but in very general terms I would say "under" can usually be used for most situations, particularly referring to the physical location of objects or people. I hope that helps!

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