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What is wrong with using 哇 for wow?


What is wrong with using 哇 for wow?

I have always used 哇 or 哇塞 to say 'wow' in Chinese. However, in my last diary I wrote "哇,这么无礼。" (Wow, so rude) and someone crossed out 哇, saying 中文里不会这样说.

Why? I can't believe Chinese people never say wow, so what exactly was wrong with me using 哇 here?

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    "哇塞" has been in use in Taiwan since 1970s. It was an expression popular among my dad's generation. Nowadays although I would still hear it once in a while. It seems the usage has gradually faded out over the years. I've been in Mainland for last a couple of years. Because I have never heard the mainlanders use it, so my assumption is that this expression is rarely used nowadays. I agree with naomi, "暈“ is a much more current and popular (although colloquial) alternative you can use in stead of "哇塞". "哇, 這麼無禮“ is acceptable in texting too.哇塞

    Hi Beth,firstly,"哇塞"is not only used in Taiwan,but also used in main three citys-Xiamen,Quanzhou,and Zhangzhou,we call these three citys Minnan Zone,where in the southeast of China-Fujian province."哇塞"is a saying just like "F*ck" in English ,so it's a derogatory term;secondly, I think in your dary "Wow, so rude"here is right,it's acceptable,but wrong used "哇塞".

    I'm a mainland Chinese, we use both. Trust me, nothing's wrong with it. Many people don't actually say it out, but that's only because they think it's being a little dramatic to say it or something. I barely say it, but I don't find it wrong or unusual if I heard someone say it. I do use them once in a while over the Internet though.

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