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Can somebody explain "When you speak"

Google translates as

Quando si parla

Can someone please explain "si" what's wrong with just "quando parla"? I thought "you" would be implied by the verb conjugation. Also would the informal version be:

quando ti parli



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    It depends on the meaning of 'you'.

    If you're talking about a general point of view, we use the impersonal form.
    Example: When you speak about having fun, Australia is the answer; (Quando si parla di divertimento, l'australia è la risposta. but we also accept the form: Quando parli di divertimento...)

    If you're talking about a precise point of you, the "normal form" is correct .
    Example: When you speak to them, I fall asleep (Quando parli con loro, io mi addormento)

    In this case the particle "si" is reflexive
    try to read something here:


    I forgot it: Don't rely on google translator :)

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