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I am working on a short comic about Kertanegara, Raden Wijaya and the Mongols, culture question

Hi everyone, weird question here..

In a way this question is more about Javanese than Indonesian, but it wouldn't let me choose it as an option........anyways, I'm working on a short humorous comic about the Mongol delegation to Java, Kertanegara's insulting and wounding of the ambassador, Raden Wijaya's tricking of the Mongol army that came after, and so on. (If you are curious, it's for this site the comics are just humorous shorts about international relations and historical events.)

In my comic, I made Kertanegara laugh at the ambassador and insult him while he was having him branded and disfigured, calling him a dog and stuff like that.. however, my Indo friend told me that it wasn't realistic, a Javanese wouldn't talk like do you think he would have addressed him? I am just curious for a different point of view.. Would he have insulted him with lots of curses or would he act polite and superior while doing bad deeds? Thanks!

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    I've heard this story about Mongol's delegation to Java, but I'm not sure which King in that era. I'm sure my Mom knows that, haha. I just remember that one of those kings is not a good king, so it's maybe happen. But, yea, I'm really not sure if a good king will calling others like dog or etc, lol. I can ask this to my mom but o matter that's true or not, I think you should change the dialog, or you will get some troubles ==" And I think the most important think I know and you should know is, a real priyayi never mocks the other with that things, they may hating them, but they have their high standard

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