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What are the differences between "apparent" and "current"? Thanks.

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    "Apparent" means that something is likely to be a certain way. "It is apparent that my husband will be late for dinner." I might say this when I'm waiting for him and he has not arrived shortly before dinner starts. I'm not sure that he will be late, but it seems like he will be.

    You can also use it to mean that something is clearly understood. "Whether or not a food is healthy is apparent from the label."

    "Current" on the other hand means something that happens in the present day or time. I might tell a co-worker that I can't help him at the moment by saying, "I'm currently in the middle of a really big project."

    A police officer might ask a driver, "Is your license current?" which is like asking if the license is unexpired.

    "Current" can also be a stream of water moving within a larger body of water.

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