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Is there any situation where I can use "the baddest"?

Until now I thought that "the worst" is the correct form, but I've heard in a song :"you make the baddest". At first I thought that maybe the lyrics are wrong, but then I heard in a cartoon :"the baddest man in the world". I am a little confused. I know that this is a matter of details, but I would like to know when I can use both forms. Thank you. :)

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    "Baddest" is slang. It actually means "the best" or "the coolest." If someone uses it to mean "the worst" then it would be wrong. However, it is perfectly fine to use "baddest" in some situations. It is not considered poor English to use slang among one's own social circle.

    No, el superlativo de Bad es Worst

    "baddest" is not standard English, and you should not use it when taking your English exam or applying for a job as an English teacher. However, your question is "Is there any situation......?" Yes, there is. You can use it whenever you decide it's appropriate to use substandard English. Maybe among friends at a party; or just to make your listener smile. Also, "baddest" does not always mean "worst." It can also mean "best":


    It's slangy English. The kids say this to seem cool.

    It's slang to mean cool or attractive. The Bad Rabbits have a song called "She's Bad" which means, "She's Hot" or "She's Sexy". At a party, a girl might say to her friend "You're bad!!"

    It's actually really common where I live to use.

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