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٤:Q about subject (n.) after verbs- thank you

السلام عليكم و رحمة لله و بر كته

marahab guys,I have a small Q..

ذهب عباس إلى المسجد
in this sentence , عباسcan be removed if the speakers already know the subject-عباس.:
ذهب إلى المسجد.
My question.. Can I move the 3bas into the beginning:عباس ذهب إلى المسجد?

And same to this sent. :
.خرج الطالب من الفصل وذهب إلى المدير

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    yes you can do it .. it has the same meaning .

    Yeah ,all of them are correct ,

    We use the second sentence ذهب إلى المسجد without subject "3bbas" in 2 situations
    1-as an answer "where did Abbas go" the answer would be "ذهب إلى المسجد"
    2-as conjunction "Abbas went to the market then he went to Masjid" عباس ذهب إلى السوق و من ثم ذهب إلى المسجد"

    The first and the third sentences are same .

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