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What is the role if "по"


I always see this "по" in some words and sometimes by itself I what is the role of this "по"? Can some please tell me?

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    I believe it's one of the most difficult prepositions in Russian. It's impossible to find just one English equivalent to translate it. Here are at least 4 different cases when we use it:

    1. frequency
    по вторникам= on Tuesdays, по вечерам = in the evenings

    2. movement on the surface
    идти по дороге= go along the road , плыть по морю = go by sea, летать по небу= fly in the sky

    3. means of communication
    говорить по телефону= talk on the phone, слушать по радио= lsten on the radio, смотреть по телевизору= watch on TV

    4. indicates the professional field
    специалист по финансам, по экономике... a specialist in finance, economics etc

    Usualy "по" means "on" in English, but not always. There is one problem: one Russian word can means a lot of English words. But usually it's look like "я иду ПО дороге" - "I'm going ON the road"

    Your question is not easy to answer. There are prepositions and prefixes in Russian and they are often alike. читать - почитать, пить - попить, стоять - постоять и по дороге, по дому, по колено. You should learn Russian and perhaps you will be able to understand it. We cannot substitute for a Russian textbook.

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