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Questi esempi sono coretti?

-Io sono andato in parco (I was going to a park )
-Loro sono venuto a casa (They got home)
-Noi siamo stato a Inghilterra (We was in England)
-Tu sei/Lei e(se questo e indirizzo gentile) piaciuto qesto musica (Did you like this music? )

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    (io) sono andato al/nel parco
    a=to, at
    in,ne +article=into (movement)
    Remember the article (il parco) that joins to the preposition: a (a+il=al), in+article -> ne+article (ne+il=>nel)

    (loro) sono venuti a casa
    The past participle is the only verb in Italian which has gender and number: venut-o (singular, masculine), venut-a (singular, feminine). venut-i (plural)

    (noi) siamo stati in Inghilterra
    stat-i, -i plural, same reason as before
    With city names you use a: siamo stati a Londra
    because cities are a precise point (on the map)
    countries, counties and regions are surfices and you use "in": in Italia, in Inghilterra, nello Yorkshire, nel Lazio. Note a region, county name usually has the article, but not always: in Calabria, nella Calabria are both correct, the latter means more on the "whole" region.

    The verb for to like has a reversed construction in Italian: if you like something, you say that something pleases yourself:

    I like it=>(it) myself pleases=>(esso) mi piace

    I like this. Mi piace questo, questo mi piace

    Le è piaciuta questa musica?

    Why Le and not Lei? Because Lei is you formal subject. You formal object is Le

    Ti è piaciuta questa musica?
    Ti=you informal object. You informal subject is tu:
    Tu sei andato nel parco?

    Why piaciuta and not piaciuto? Because musica is feminine. See the agreement: piaciut-a, music-a

    Ti è piaciuto il parco? Did you like the park?

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