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Does anyone know how to program a computer to write and show Japanese?

I want to be able to practice with my online friends from Japan, but I don't how to do this on my computer. any help?

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    If you are using Windows, this should be no problem. In your task bar you should see the letters EN in the bottom right corner next to your clock! When you right click there and you open your settings, you should be able to add a Japanese keyboard.

    If you do not know which letter is which you can easily use the displayed keyboard. You can find it in Start ---> All programs ----> Accessories---->Ease of Access---->On-screen keyboard.

    Hope this helps!

    An amergency solution is to use a translator to convert English to japanese, for example I did this
    May be your Japanese friends can help. I think you have to install japanese keyboard software. Try to search in Internet for the solution.

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