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Are there any changes of tones in Thai?

1. Every thai syllable has a fixed tone, so dose Chinese. But in many Chinese languages ( including Mandarin), there are some specific rules based on which tones change for harmony.
For example: (in Mandarin, when two syllables with the same tone of the third tone meet, the tone of the first one will change into the second tone.) : 你(ni3),好(hao3), but you should say 你好(ni2 hao3).

2. I've once asked the same question, and the answer i got was 'no' , there isn't any changes of tones in Thai. But today, I came across a word in a website, and there was a recording for the word. it was บุหรี่, and clearly what i heard from the recording was not how the word spells, the tone of the first syllable sounded more like กา, not ก่า. I'm confused, can anybody help me? Thanks.

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    In Thai words, we also have the rules about tones.
    Not every word has the tone as they show in Thai character.

    It is an example of the tone rule of Middle class Thai consonant.
    Normal : กา ก่า ก้า ก๊า ก๋า (long vowel ) These can be pronounced directly.
    But กะ ก่ะ ก้ะ ก๊ะ ก๋ะ ( short vowel ) Only กะ pronounce like ก่ะ ; ก่ะ is not be existed.
    ฺBecause กะ use its pronounce.

    บุ บุ่ บุ้ บุ๊ บุ๋ (short vowel) so บุ pronounce like บุ่ ,
    There are 21 sounds can be divided into three types.

    หรี่ : ร is a lower consonant sound.
    Lower consonant sounds do not have complete tones in writing.
    We do not have : รี รี่ รี้ รี๊ รี๋

    ฺีBut we use "ห" before lower consonant to fulfill 5 tones
    It should be รี - รี่ รี้ - - so lower consonants have only 1 / 3/4 tones (the form and the sound are different )
    Then รี หรี่ รี่ / หรี้ รี้ หรี ; รี่ / หรี้ same sounds third tone

    One more example ลา หล่า ล่า /หล้า ล้า หลา ; ล่า /หล้า third tone

    So you should have to know about 3 types of consonants sounds, it is very helpful.
    Each type has its on rule.

    PS I found this website, it is very helpful.

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