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Polish sentence, question.


Gdzie jest móy portfel(Accusative case?)
Jest pod stoł(or) pod stole (Accusative or locative because it answers where the wallet is?)

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    Gdzie jest mój portfel? - Jest pod stołem. You should use instrumental case there [(z) kim?, (z) czym?] which follows such prepositions as: pod, z, nad, przed, za, między. Accusative (kogo? co?) would rather suit in "Widzę stół", locative goes rather with prepositions: o, w, na, po, przy; "Mówię o stole", "Lampa stoi przy stole".
    However if the answer to "Gdzie jest mój portfel?" was "Jest na stole", you would use locative there (as you can see by "na" preposition).

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