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What is the difference between particles "ni" and "he"??

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    When we use “Gakko ni iku” or “Gakko he iku” in our daily life,
    we feel little that something is wrong.

    “he” expresses the direction of movement”. We think especially the direction.
    “ni” expresses the arrival point including “time or space”.
    So if we want to indicate destination, I think both are available.

    But we don’t use “Gakko ni no michi” but “Gakko he no michi”.
    “he” expresses on the way.

    for the basic learner just focus on the verb.
    に have so wide meaning for any sentences.
    if you find に is using between "adverb place" and "the movement verbs", so just interpreting it "to (somewhere)"
    and for へ is using for "to" particles.
    and for the basic sentences に and へ is same. so it's fine..

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